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This page presents some ideas for developing software for the APS and/or APSLive based on the existing APS v1.5 drivers & apps.

Fuctions such as the following are useful for Fx program manipulation: 

virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Load(long sizeIn/*[in]*/, unsigned_char* pgmText/*[in]*/, 
unsigned_long* ppgmID/*[out]*/) = 0; // [-1]
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Unload(unsigned_long pgmID/*[in]*/) = 0; // [-1]
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Start(unsigned_long pgmID/*[in]*/) = 0; // [-1]
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Stop(unsigned_long pgmID/*[in]*/) = 0; // [-1]
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Rampup(unsigned_long pgmID/*[in]*/) = 0; // [-1]
virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE Rampdown(unsigned_long pgmID/*[in]*/) = 0; // [-1]

To anyone familiar with the linux sources, the following may look rather familiar:

struct __MIDL___MIDL_itf_fxengineserver_0136_0001
unsigned_char opcode;
unsigned_short opRes;
unsigned_short opA;
unsigned_short opX;
unsigned_short opY;

If you know anything about DSP coding and/or low-level hardware programming and want to help out, please let us know at the forum, or join our mailing list.

The independent efforts of V. Yakovenkov and The Music Master (tip o' the hat to both of youse guys) have led to the development of a utility for the SBLive (all models), which allows full analog-in and analog-out functionality when a SBLive card is used in conjunction with the APS drivers & apps. 

The sources to  tmm_ac97live_v2 (windows GUI utility) are available here (developed using Borland C++ Builder). At the core of this utility are the files ac97.h and ac97.cpp, as well as the 8010.h header from the open-source linux driver code. Big thanks to TMM for open-sourcing this one! The most recent tmm_ac97live full source code is available here*new* Revised (improved & bug-fixed) AC97 core code by TMM now available here.

Valentin Yakovenkov's original DOS-based apslive ac97 utility source code is available here. Note that there are also some Emu10k1 register dump utilities bundled in with Valentin's code. Unfortunately Valentin appears to be rather too busy these days to further development, fortunately Max M. has picked up where Valentin left off, with his brilliant new FxViewer app.

 The drivers (get them from
Emuaps.vxd E-mu APS Virtual Device Driver. Patch exists to allow use of the APS drivers & apps with a SBlive soundcard.
Emuaps.drv E-mu APS Wave/MIDI Device Driver
Eapsman.dll E-mu APS SoundFont® Device Driver
Eapsasio.dll E-mu APS ASIO Device Driver
Sscene.exe  APSSoundSceneServer Module. Patch exists to enable all ins and outs without MOC or Ecard present. New AC97 enabling utility permits full analog-in and analog-out functionality on all SBlive cards, including CT1024 and CT4830  models - no need for any more hardware mods. 
Sscene.dll  SoundScene DLL
Ssceneps.dll ssceneps
Emuaps.sf2 default soundfont, loaded at start-up  
E10fxsvr.exe  EMU10K1 Effects Engine Server  
E10fxif.dll  EMU10K1 Effects Engine Server Proxy/Stub  

E-mu APS Effects Algorithms; Auto Wah, Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Flanger, Host Record and Dither, Mixer, Parametric EQ, Peak Meter, Pitch Shifter, Ports, Shelving EQ, Stereo Echo, Wire  

Eapssrm.dll  E-mu APS Extension  
Eapsvxc.dll  E-mu APS Extension
Eapshrm.dll E-mu APS Extension  


The applications:   (get them from
EControl.exe E-mu APS Mixer Application. Patch exists for enabling rear analog out only when using APS drivers with SBlive. EControl patch works only on older cards, but a new AC97 enabling utility permits full analog-in and analog-out functionality on all SBlive cards (EControl patch is now obsolete).
ECtrlRes.dll E-mu APS Mixer Application English Resources. (big enough you think? nice video, E-mu ;-)  
Econtcrd.dll  E-mu APS Credits.  
APSSFMGR.Exe E-mu APS SoundFont® Bank Manager  
Esfbres.dll E-mu APS SoundFont Bank Manager English Resources  
Ecardcrd.ems APS Mixer Configuration  

Here's some additional information, less obvious to the casual observer:  

The APS SoundSceneServer COM library, from Sscene.exe, courtesy of Borland C++ Builder, here and here.

The APS FxEngineServer COM Library, from E10fxsvr.exe, here and here.