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This page presents some ideas for developing software for the SBLive, based on Creative Labs' SBlive drivers and Liveware applications.

 The drivers  (get them from
 EMU10K1.VXD v1.02 The Sblive Virtual Device Driver – patchable to get access to the hidden Parametric EQ effect. 
CTMM16.DRV v1.02 Wave/MIDI Device Driver
CTSYN.VXD v1.00  
CTSYN16.DRV v1.00  
CTWT16.DRV v1.01 WaveTable Synthesis thang
DEVCON32.DLL v1.00 The DeviceConfiguration Manager Library. Contains a COM library, see below.
SBLFX.DLL v1.00 The effects server
SFMAN.VXD v1.00 The SoundFont Manager Virtual Device Driver
SFMAN32.DLL v2.00 SoundfontManager Library. Check out Creative's SoundFont SDK on this one. Thomas Hammer's OSC has a wrapper class for the functions in this library. Tip o' the hat to Thomas. See links.

Here's some additional information:

The DevCon32.dll exported functions, here.

A listing of the string references in DevCon32.dll, here.

The DevCon32.dll COM library, brought to you by Borland C++ Builder, here and here.