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APSonLive - hardware mods - where it all began.

Well, the APSonLive guys showed us the way, more than a year ago now. Getting the SBLive card to run with APS drivers & apps was no mean feat; nothing short of brilliant in fact. 

However, until recently, other than the initial concept (and the required VxD patch to get the APS drivers to recognise the SBLive), the APSonLive scene had always been a hardware hacking type of deal; the idea being to figure out how to emulate the APS using a SBLive. 

Things have changes since then, particularly since the APSLive install package was put together.

The project/research pages present several ideas for picking up on the software end where the hardware mod crew left off; extending the usefulness and flexibility of the Emu10k1-based soundcards with new and modified drivers & applications.

Operating systems

Well, this site is basically aimed at a Micro$oft Windows audience. The Linux guys already have open source drivers, so they don't need to bother with any of this in the same way.

As for the Windows 9x, SE, ME, NT, 2K thing, well, I suppose any new drivers should follow the WDM standard, but anything based on the existing drivers is kinda limited the VxDs we already have. Bummer.

Huh? What? Mac? BeOS? Say what? ;-)

Open Source

Yea, I have seen Open Source and it is Good. This thing is not about making money, rather it's about sharing information and working together to create something better. Information wants to be free.  Check out Thomas Hammer's OpenSoundCode stuff. Very fine, very fine. See links.


What do we need? Well, a PC and an APS and/or Sblive would be a good start.

Actually, we're mostly dealing with C++ Builder and/or M$VC++ here (Delphi? Hmm, I dunno man. Well, ok, I guess so, why not? ;-).

Also handy will be WinDASM (what's that? SoftIce? yeah, yeah, ok, ok, I know), "Some disassembly required" ;-)

Of course, we'd be nowhere without HexWorkShop (or whatever hex editor you prefer).

Borland Resource Workshop is fun too. Nice icon dude. No, no, for string tables, man, string tables...

VtoolsD experience? Please apply within.


As far as training goes, well, there are lots of C++ and coding sites out there, but when it comes to disassembly and reverse-engineering, nobody beats Fravia (do a websearch - I might recommend in particular the academy articles on disassembling Filemon and the one on the creation of Hnotepad, if you can find them).

Help wanted

Wanna get involved? Browse through the projects, then head to the the forum & let us know what you think, or drop us a line.


Not really an expert on any of this, it's pretty much been a learn-as-you-go type deal, so please forgive any factual or other errors, including but not limited to omissions and/or abuse and misuse of terminology and technology. Also, "not responsible for any of the content on this or any other page with regards to damage either direct, indirect or collateral, physical or emotional, nor can we be held responsible with regards to intellectual quotient (or lack thereof) of any or all materials contained herein". Dig it?

Oh yeah, E-mu, E-mu Systems and SoundFont are registered trademarks of E-mu Systems, Inc., and the same goes for the Creative Labs stuff.